The word-of-mouth effect


For small businesses one of the main advantages of the internet is that in theory they can reach potentially tens of thousands of potential clients that they couldn’t previously. Be it through social media, Search Engine Optimisation or an amazing website, the possibilities are endless. So, why are so many small businesses/one-man-bands NOT making the most of these cheap and effective marketing methods?

Although some bigger tradesmen/local services do have a web presence, many don’t. And there certainly aren’t lots of plumbers or electricians out there tweeting away! Is it perhaps because most recommendations they receive are actually word-of-mouth? Is it because trust is a key element of ensuring customers return again and again? From my own personal experience, when looking for a local service I am hesitant to call some random name that pops up – I’m not sure if they price reasonably, if they’re reliable, if they’ll do a good job. I’ll ask around first on my personal networks and only as a last resort try the unknowns.

What if, however, there was a way of combining the extensive reach of online marketing methods with the comforting ‘word-of-mouth’ effect? Well some industry-specific sites are doing just that. Online reviews, customer satisfaction and feedback are a key part of these sites, with the idea being that the ‘community’ rates and judges the services and then online ‘reputations’ are built up.

It’s the Trip Advisor effect – and it works!

However, at Skillendar we feel that this method has extensive potential and can’t wait for it to become part of everyday reality for communities and neighbourhoods. The added benefit of real time results and location-based marketing means there’s no wait time, which can be frustrating if there’s a sink blocked/freezing house with no water, or whatever the problem may be. Imagine a world where you could rely on such efficiency, reliability and credibility in any service you use? The true scope of this revolution in how we use and review services has not yet been reached and Skillendar can’t wait to get started!

Life will get a lot simpler.