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It used to be your local paper or phone book that you went to when you needed a local tradesman or service but sadly, the local paper probably went out of business and the days of the phone book are well numbered. So how do you connect with skilled people in your local community these days? Online, that's how. Skillendar is a community social network application that lets you look into your own neighborhood to find services and skilled tradespeople that might not have a Main Street shop at their disposal but have all the skills to complete the job you need done. And with the typical skilled person probably being someone working a second job or a student you can negotiate a fair and much cheaper price to do the job than maybe Main Street will charge you. More...


Sell Your Skills On Skillendar – The Neighborhood Social Network

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Getting started

Once you have registered with Skillendar, follow the instructions below to setup your profile properly and get the most out Skillendar.

  1. How do I update my profile?
  2. How do I explore and connect with people in my neighbourhood?
  3. How do I invite my friends and family?
  4. How do I communicate with my connections or other members?
  5. How do I publish skills and start sharing my time or providing services?


How do I update my profile?

Click on the settings menu and choose 'profile' to go to the profile section. Go through every item on the profile menu and update the details as required. Please remember to provide as accurate and detailed information as possible to increase your credibility.





Finally, check your public profile by clicking on your profile picture


How do I explore and connect with people in my neighbourhood?


Adjust the distance and press 'Explore' button to re-run the search. Send connection requests to all the people you know in your neighbourhood.



Also use the 'People you may know' option to find people who are connected to your connections.


How do I invite my friends and family?

You can invite your friends and family by following any of these methods below. These options use a unique reference URL that will allow you to collect Skillendar credits every time someone registers via those links.






Alternatively, copy and paste the reference URL on your emails, email signatures, websites, blogs etc. Please note, you will still get your skillendar credits when someone registers via this link

You can also copy and paste the embed tag on your websites/ forums /blogs

How do I communicate with my connections or other members?

You can send messages to your connections through their profiles or the 'messages' page. If you are contacting a user for the first time go to their profile and press 'Send a message'. Otherwise you can reply to their messages through the 'messages' page (email icon on the top menu bar).


You could use Skype for any urgent queries. 


If you want to send a generic message or an update to all the people who are connected to you, post that message on the community wall (on your dashboard) instead.



How do I publish skills and start sharing my time or providing services?

First of all, make sure that your provider status is ON. If not, press 'edit' to turn it on.



If you are not already on the the provider status page, select 'share time & provide services' on the settings menu.


Go through all the menu items (below) and update your details and preferences accordingly.

IMPORTANT: If you do not add any skills, your profile will not be displayed on skill searches.



If you intend to collect payments for your services online, please make sure that you have updated the payment settings as well.


If you want more control of your time and availability, you can manage it via the calendar under the ‘Advanced settings’



Welcome to the Skillendar Blog

Skillendar is a neighbourhood network for you to connect with and reach out to your local community.

As a community platform Skillendar helps you to connect with more people in your neighbourhood and allow you to share and keep posted on everything that happens in your local community. Once you have registered with Skillendar, use the explore option to find people whom you know in your neighbourhood and send them your connection requests. Skillendar will also recommend new members to you based on mutual connections. You can be active in the community by regularly posting relevant and valuable information on the community wall.

If possible, we would really recommend that you become a provider and start helping your community regardless of whether you would like to charge a fee for the service or time you offer or you are open to do the job free of charge as a community service.

Skillendar is designed for short term or temporary jobs. Hence it really suits people with busy schedules and limited availability like Students, People with full time jobs wanting to do a second job etc. Moreover, Skillendar helps you publish your personal interests and hobbies and attract potential clients to earn extra income over your evenings and weekends.

We believe, in this economic downturn, if we all work together we could get things done very cheaply and quickly the age-old way - ‘People helping people’. Though in the olden days they were not calling these efforts “a community outreach” our ancestors were actually following this motto in its fullest.

Come on, let’s show some community spirit.

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