Community is the new society


Ever since Margaret Thatcher claimed “There is no such thing as society” in the 1980s, the pursuit of materialistic goals and individualistic achievements at all cost has been viewed as a laudable aim in the UK.

A generation was raised to believe that “success” meant money, stuff and more stuff - acquisitiveness at the expense of personal relationships and neighbourly values.  Unquestioned by mainstream society and spurred on by the “greed is good” mantra, inspired by media images of power women wearing shoulder pads and yuppies quaffing champagne whilst watching their bank balances swell, the nation seemed hypnotised by cold, hard cash.

Twenty years and a serious reality check later, such values couldn’t be further out of fashion.

Ever since 2008, all of us in Britain (along with other western countries) have been slowly waking up from what seems to have been an extremely pleasurable dream. Rubbing our eyes, we’ve walked out into cold piercing daylight, only to realise that the dream was in fact a nightmare in disguise.

For many, this recession that seems no signs of going away quickly, has inspired a welcome shift in terms of the mood and mentality of the nation. Although fiscally tough, a whole new generation has been inspired by what were previously deemed as “old-fashioned” values of community spirit, cooperation and prizing relationships before personal aggrandisement .

Gone are the days when graduates focused on careers which were demanding, time-consuming and high-earning. Generation Y (those born between the late seventies and the early noughties) are instead prizing altruism, flexibility and ethical values above cash and status from the companies they work for.

Community spirit is seen as a key part of this new shift in values. Working together to create a better environment, be it globally, at home or in their immediate area  is now a priority for young people. As a neighbourhood network for you to connect with and reach out to your local community, Skillendar is proud to be part of this zeitgeist. We believe community cooperation is a key part of basic human interaction which is why we devised the unique calendar based skill search that helps you find the availability of people in your neighbourhood who are open to share their time or provide a service.

The future will be built by communities working in tangent, by pulling together in times of emergency, by prioritising a return to basic ideals. Whatever happens with the economy (and it can only get better- we hope) if your neighbourhood remains strong and interactive, helping each other and swapping skills and time, trust, security and ultimately happiness can be built.

This is our vision and we hope you’ll be part of it.

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